About Us

Coolpod will be closing its US shop on October 31, 2021. Coolpod products will continue to be available for purchase in Australia and parts of Europe. 


Coolpod began in Australia in 2009. Facing long summers and record temps, the design team recognized the need for a new, innovative solution to taking food on-the-go. Over the past decade, Coolpod has been designing and perfecting an entire line of cooler bags that uses concealed ice packs for maximum cooling efficiency, a deliberate combination of foam and foil for optimum insulation and leakage protection, and premium fabric and zipper materials that ensure durability and ease-of-use. 

Coolpod has created the solution to the need for cooler bags that support an active lifestyle. Several of our unique products are tailored to fit unique food and beverage packages, like yogurt pouches, yogurt cups, juice boxes, and wine bottles. You no longer need to pack large coolers and multiple ice packs just to keep one or two items cold. Our cooler bags can be packed for the road within just a few seconds and provide up to 8 hours of cooling efficiency while snugly holding your food item in its perfectly insulated position.

In addition to our novel sizes, our cooler bags also include unique features that help us stand out from the crowd. Our square and rectangular lunch bags include concealed ice packs sewn between the inner and outer lining of all sides of the bag (top, bottom, and 4 sides). This design provides extra stability and protection to help ensure that packed food items are never crushed inside the bag. Our larger Tradesman lunch bag incorporates a collapsible design that allows for convenient freezer storage. All Coolpod bags also use a specialized combination of bonded foam and foil in between the inner and outer linings, as well as a laminated polyester fabric on the outside to minimize leakage as the ice packs slowly melt. 

Coolpod products are known and loved throughout Australia. This prominent brand can be found in Australian retail giants like Cole's, Bunning's, Aldi's, and Woolworth's. 

Starting in the fall of 2020, Coolpod products will be available for purchase in the US. The Australian team and the US team have been working diligently for several months to bring our premium, innovative products to doorsteps all across America. Browse our available options and order today. The convenience and quality will not disappoint!


Australian Patent 2011276954

International Patent Pending