How do Coolpod cooler bags work?

Our cooler bags are designed with concealed ice packs that surround all sides of your food items to ensure maximum cooling efficiency. Simply place the cooler bag in the freezer for 6-8 hours before use, depending on the size of the bag. We highly recommend freezing the bag overnight before use for best results. Then place your individual food item, packed lunch, wine bottle, or medicinal supplies inside the bag just before taking it on the go. Depending on the ambient temperature, the cooler bag will keep it's contents cool for up to 8 hours. 

Do I need to use ice packs in Coolpod cooler bags?

Nope! You do not need to use additional ice packs in our cooler bags. Each bag has concealed ice packs sewn between the inner and outer linings which, once frozen, will keep your food items cool without the need to pack any bulky ice packs. This is especially convenient in our lunch bags, where space can already be limited due to the size of food containers. 

Do Coolpod cooler bags leak as the ice packs slowly melt?

Our innovative design significantly minimizes the possibility of leakage. We start by selecting premium, superior fabrics for all of our bags. We use a laminated polyster blend for the outer fabric and a food-safe nylon lining on the inside. Then we place a combination of foam and foil in between these two fabric layers, which not only assists in the prevention of leakage, but also provides extra insulation and protection. The end result is an effective cooling bag that can be placed inside a backpack, handbag, or travel bag without the worry of finding a water-saturated mess several hours later. 

How long do Coolpod cooler bags stay cold?

The temperature of the environment in which the cooler bag is being stored will affect the longetivity of its frozen and cold states. Each bag can remain frozen for 3-6 hours and can provide a cooling effect for 7-9 hours. Keeping the bag securely closed while not in use will allow it to maintain a frozen or cold temperature for a longer duration of time. Placing food items that have already been chilled inside the bag will also allow it to stay cold longer. 

Should my food items be cold or frozen before placing them in a Coolpod cooler bag?

Some food items, like yogurt or cheese, are typically already stored in the refrigerator and should be packed in our cooler bags right from their chilled state. However, it is not necessary for all food items to be cold before placing them in a cooler bag. Our cooling technology can actually chill room temperature food items after approximately 2 hours of storage time in a cooler bag. Tip: If you are planning to use a cooler bag for an extended period of time, chilling or freezing your food items prior to packing them will prolong the time frame in which the cooler bag stays frozen and/or cold. 

Do Coolpod cooler bags need to be stored in the freezer?

Our cooler bags do need to be placed in the freezer for 6-8 hours prior to use. If you do not need to use your cooler bag every day, it can be stored at room temperature and placed in the freezer when needed. Our cooler bags that hold individual food items (yogurt cooler bags and juice box cooler bags) are designed to be conveniently compact and can easily be continuously stored in the freezer without compromising space. Our extra-large Tradesman cooler bag is collapsible, which is conducive to freezer storage.

Can Coolpod lunch bags hold bento-style boxes?

Because Bento-style boxes come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, we cannot guarantee that they will fit inside our lunch cooler bags. We highly recommend that you consult the dimensions of our lunch bags, found on each product page, to determine whether or not our cooler bags will accommodate the food containers of your choice. 

How do I clean my Coolpod cooler bag? 

Our cooler bags are easily cleaned using a damp cloth or sponge. Simply wipe down the outside and inside material after each use, or as needed. Coolpod cooler bags should not be placed in the dishwasher, washing machine, or dryer. 

Can Coolpod cooler bags be warmed to keep food hot?

Sorry! You should never put our cooler bags in the microwave or oven. They are designed to be frozen and to keep cold foods deliciously chilled.