Freezable Pouch Cooler Bag

Sifting through the massive amount of baby and kid items can be overwhelming. What do we need? What will we use? What will last for a long time? 
Well, guess what? You just hit the jackpot! Today you have discovered one of those items that can be used from the precious newborn stage all the way up through the early elementary years. That's like almost 3,000 days of use! You will love the enormous amount of use you will get from this little handheld gem and it's fascinating to see how it changes and grows with your needs. Let's take a look...
Meet our Pouch Cooler Bag. This nifty bag is lined with concealed ice packs and is meant to be popped into the freezer before use. It will then chill its contents for up to eight hours. To be honest, it was originally designed with yogurt pouches in mind. But we'll get to those in a minute...
Notice how easily this pouch cooler bag slips into a diaper bag. That will be it's first home. Nursing and pumping mamas, you will be the very first ones to enjoy the use of this cooler bag. It can hold a breastmilk bag and keep it chilled until its needed. If you're heading out with a little one who isn't eating solids yet, there's no need to drag a big cooler tote around. This pouch cooler bag snugly surrounds the milk bag and keeps it at a consistent temperature. 
As your sweet little one grows, you will eventually start introducing pureed food. It may be a store bought pouch or a reusable pouch filled with homemade puree - either way, it fits in the pouch cooler bag. This is particularly helpful for flavors that your child may prefer cold. Or you can easily save a half eaten pouch and use it up later, reducing waste. 
Next you can start introducing yogurt. It is extremely important to keep yogurt at a safe temperature, and the snug fit of the cooler bag around the yogurt pouch ensures that the yogurt is always just right for your child. Now, when it's time for a trip to the park or you're running errands, it takes literally just one second to slide a yogurt pouch in the cooler bag and toss it in your handbag. Now you have a snack that you can feel good about giving to your kiddo. You have options besides the empty-calorie puffs that always seem to be a staple. 
For the sake of time, let's speed up as we go through the next few years. As you hit the toddler stage, you can continue packing yogurt and food pouches as desired. Maybe you'll branch out and try a yogurt tube - the pouch cooler bag can hold up to 3 (hello siblings!). Eventually you can even throw string cheese in the mix. Once preschool rolls around, you've got a perfect-sized snack bag to hold a yogurt tube, a string cheese, and maybe a fruit leather strip. There's no need to feel like you have to pack a whole lunch bag full of food for a 2 hour preschool program. But if you do have a big eater, the pouch cooler bag fits inside lunch bags and can safely surround your most important cold food, while acting as an ice pack for the rest of the lunch bag as well. 
And then the first day of kindergarten arrives! How did we get here so soon? It seems like just yesterday we were discussing breast milk. But here we are. And your trusty pouch cooler bag is still by your side. Now you can designate which food is for lunch and which food is for snack by packing snacks in the pouch cooler bag. No one accidentally eats her sandwich at snack time. Whew! And so it continues until its just not cool to slurp food through a pouch or tube anymore. 
The size is so convenient that you'll discover even more ways to use the pouch cooler bag as time goes on - it's perfect for the park, the public pool, soccer or t-ball games, the beach, long car rides, afternoons full of errands, summer day camps. Anywhere you can snack is the right place for Coolpod USA!