SECONDS Freezable Yogurt Cooler Bag - No Spoon/Spoon Loop

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"Seconds" bags available only. No spoon/spoon loop. See Product Description for details. 

All sales final. 

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All of our Freezable Yogurt Cooler Bags are sold out, but we do have a handful of slightly imperfect bags available in this style. All of our remaining "seconds" bags come without a mini spoon and have no elastic spoon loop in the lid. The chilling functionality is not negatively impacted. When you purchase a "seconds" bag, you are acknowledging that it will arrive without a spoon or spoon loop as shown in the product photos. All sales are final. 

Now you can rest assured that your yogurt will stay perfectly chilled on the go! No need to fuss with bulky ice packs. Simply place this single-serve yogurt cooler pouch in the freezer at least 8 hours before use (we recommend overnight); then grab your favorite yogurt cup and place it inside the cooler bag for a perfectly chilled treat that lasts up to 8 hours. 

Holds up to a 5.3 oz traditional-size yogurt cup.

Product Details:

  • Dimensions: 3.5"(L)x3.5"(W)x4.25"(H)
  • Internal Dimensions When Frozen: 3"(L)x3"(W)x3.5"(H)
  • Weight: 6.5oz
  • Outer Material: Durable polyester/nylon
  • Inside Lining: Non-toxic FDA approved nylon
  • Ice Packs: Non-toxic purified gel in durable, sealed bags
  • Cleaning Instructions: Wipe with damp cloth or sponge when needed or after each use
  • Storage Capability: Holds up to a 5.3 oz yogurt cup (traditional yogurt cups)
  • Note: This cooler bag does not hold short and round "bowl-like" yogurt cups typically used to package Greek yogurt. 

Directions for Use:

  • Place entire cooler bag in freezer for a minimum of 8 hours before use. We recommend overnight!
  • Place yogurt cup inside bag immediately after removing from bag from freezer, ensuring that the zipper closure is fully closed.
  • Depending on ambient temperatures, the yogurt cup will stay cool for up to 8 hours, particularly if the zipper closure remains closed until the yogurt is ready to be consumed. 
  • Wipe clean with a damp cloth or sponge when needed or after each use. 
  • Storage recommendation: Store cooler bag in freezer when not in use so it is readily accessible whenever needed. 
  • Note: It is not necessary to freeze the yogurt cup prior to placing it inside the cooler bag. 

What our current customers have to say:

L. Steiner: "I love the yogurt cooler bag. Even if the kids don't get time to eat their yogurt, it comes home still cool enough to save for another day."

A. Schembri: "The Freezable Yogurt Cooler Bags are the greatest thing ever invented and Coolpod has the coolest ones yet!"


  • 5

    Posted by Diane Munoz on Sep 21st 2021

    Purchased this item for yogurt! Its so cute! A little heavier than expected. Also wish it was a tiny bit taller so the drinkable yogurts would fit. But overall very cute and good quality.

  • 4
    Great product!

    Posted by Lindsey on Sep 13th 2021

    This product was recommended to me by someone online because I was looking for a smaller cooler option for my two sons snacks for school. I love the pod and the design, it stays cold all day and does the trick! The only downside I have found for it is that once it's frozen it makes the interior of the bag almost too small to fit anything. I have found that putting a small cup inside it before freezing helps preserve some of the interior room because it forces the icepack to expand outwards instead of in. Overall, it's a great product! We don't even use it for yogurt, we put cut-up fruit in it and can usually fit some goldfish, or another crunchy snack on top of the fruit.