Kids are always hungry, right? And figuring out what snacks to throw in a bag for an outing can get a little mundane. After a while it can feel like you're always offering the same crackers and fruit snacks. 
Discovering freezable mini cooler bags that come in small, snack-size ranges literally changed my on-the-go food game. And if you're ready to ditch the boring, same old snacks without needing to add massive prep time to your day, you need to meet them too.
First up is our Freezable Yogurt Cooler Bag!
This fun, little bag is shaped like a cube and is meant for a kid's cup of yogurt. It comes with it's own reusable spoon, which is a pretty big highlight with the little ones. It can hold a cup of yogurt, along with a small, flatter snack like a mini cheese round. Or you can get creative and pop a fruit cup, pudding cup, or jello cup in there to mix it up!
Up next is our Freezable Yogurt Pouch Cooler Bag...
This unique bag is engineered specifically for a yogurt pouch with a twist-off lid. The longer shape also allows for up to three yogurt tubes, several string cheeses, baby food pouches, and/or applesauce/fruit pouches. You could also get creative and slide in a snack bag filled with your choice of fruits or veggies. 
And finally, we have my personal favorite: the Freezable Juice Box Cooler Bag!
This bag was originally created to snugly hold a single-size juice box/pouch or milk carton. And while the size is just perfect for juice, it is also versatile for a whole host of other snack options. Sometimes I use it for a small kid's smoothie bottle, a string cheese, and a fruit or veggie snack all at once. It can also hold certain reusable container shapes, which opens up the world of snacking to just about anything cold! 
I can't say enough about the usefulness of these adorable mini cooler bags. Kids can have a blast packing their own snacks, the variety of playful colors assures that each kiddo knows his or her own bag and no one's snacks get mixed up, and their convenient sizes make it easy for kids to carry or to toss in a backpack or tote. 
These mini cooler bags are truly at the top of the must-have, mom-hack list. Try them for yourself and see how easy snacking on-the-go can be!

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